1. The Top Emojis To Use This Year

  2. Will These Words From The 1920s Come Back In 2020?

  3. What Are Some Synonyms For Top Slang Words?

  4. These Japanese Slang Terms Are “Maji” Amazing

  5. The Greatest Language Hits Of Black Music

  6. LGBTQ Language: A Guide To Sexuality And Gender Words

  7. Have You Ever Mixed Up These Misunderstood Emoji?

    We've rounded up some emoji that often suffer from cases of mistaken identity. Emoji have official names and are typically designed with a certain image, idea, or emotion in mind.

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    Ways To Laugh Online That Are More Amusing Than LOL

    There are all sorts of ways to show when we're in stitches on social and in text messages, these are some creative offshoots of LOL.

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    Terms That Twitter And YouTube Created

    These sites have transformed the internet—and our lives as we know them, including our language. So, get internet-savvy with these words and expressions born from our new, digital normal.

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    Righto, It’s British Slang, Mate!

    The British and the Americans: two people, as it's said, separated by a common language. Here's a list of some slang terms from the United Kingdom.

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