1. We Asked: Why Did You Want To Be A Writer?

    Writing doesn’t require much. You need a paper, pencil, just your brain, and imagination. So, why did you want to become a writer?
  2. Where Did The Days Of The Week Get Their Names?

    We're here today to talk about how our favorite (and least favorite) days of the week got their names. Here are the real stories ...
  3. What Is Your Favorite Way To Say “Tough Luck”?

    There are so many things you can say when it seems like things aren’t going right. Which saying is your favorite?
  4. These Words Celebrate The Spirit Of Kwanzaa

    For seven days from December 26 through January 1, Black Americans across the US celebrate the joyous holiday of Kwanzaa. What are some of this holiday's celebratory words?
  5. This Or That: Jealous vs. Envious

    Are "jealous" and "envious" synonyms? What is the difference between these two words?
  6. What Do The Hebrew Letters On The Dreidel Mean?

    For those of you who have played dreidel, do you know what the letters on the dreidel mean? For those of you who haven't played, we've got instructions on how to play too!
  7. How Do Other Parts Of The World Celebrate The New Year?

    How do other people in other parts of the world celebrate their New Year? Here are a couple of celebrations we love!
  8. How To Set Winning Writing Goals For The New Year

    Setting writing goals is the same as setting goals for anything: it's hard. That's why we asked these writers for their best tips.
  9. Empowering Ways To Respond To Relationship Status Questions

    We asked these people to give us some of their favorite ways to deflect, or to answer, the age-old question, “Are you seeing someone?"
  10. We Asked: What Are Five Words To Describe Hanukkah?

    We asked these people who celebrate Hanukkah to give us 5 words they think of when the holiday comes around every year.
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